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Douglas Ahaesy Electric, LLC is honored to provide commercial, electrical build outs. These build outs have included retail electrical consultations, designs, along with us completing the work. When working on commercial or retail build out, you have to consider things such as recessed lighting, fire alarm installation, display lighting, fixture replacements, new wiring, outlets, and switches. You name it, we can do it for you.

Grow Facilities

Grow facilities use electricity to grow their crops. The lighting in indoor grow rooms is created by using high strength lamps that create protection from pests and contaminants, as well as the environment. Because of the lighting they use, it is necessary to have an electrician that knows what they are doing. The electrician services not only their lamps, but the fans, heating and air conditioning, fire protection, and security systems.

Office Build Outs

The load consumption for your electrical needs in your office build out will range depending on how large your office is. We are a trusted business that will provide you with your office electric build out. No matter the size of your job for a commercial electrician, we can handle it. Your build out can, and will most likely include lighting fixtures, new wiring, outlets, and other types of electrical components.


Telecommunications is transmitted through electrical cables. A telecommunications technician will regulate the flow of electricity that is needed for your telecommunications functions. It is vital that the installation of your electrical system is done properly. We are experts who specialize in this type of work. Please call us and use a trusted electrician for all of your telecommunication needs.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms must be installed properly, and should be done by a professional electrician due to the hard wiring that is connected to the fire alarm. A fire alarm can save your life, so you should never have someone who is not properly trained install them for you. The number of smoke detectors and the way they are arranged depends on the size of your building. We will consult with you and make sure that your are within code of state and local regulations.

Tenant Improvements

Douglas Ahaesy Electric, LLC is your choice for electrical tenant improvements. We can replace, repair, or remodel your electrical needs in your office building or commercial property. These types of projects require an expert electrician. We can also provide electrical maintenance for your property and business. We do everything up to code, and can improve the project by adding additional lines and outlets if needed.


No restaurant owner wants to worry about an electrical fire which would cause fire damage to their business. Let our experts install or repair your electrical needs in your commercial kitchen. We can do a full electrical remodel, from the kitchen or dining room, to the exit lighting above the door. Restaurants require specialized lighting throughout the entire building. Why hire multiple contractors, when our company can provide you with all of your electrical needs.

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